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Platino Oro Earrings

Platino Oro Earrings

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Mismatched earrings: One in the shape of a leaf and the other in gold vinyl strips with dangling crystals. Gold plated hook and components.

Blade length: 8.2 cm. Approximately Long straps: 11 cm. approximately

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  • Care for your jewelry

    Avoid daily wetting or bathing with jewelry and avoid exposing it directly to the sun, as well as substances such as perfumes, creams, cleaners or sweat.

    The textile pieces can be washed sporadically with soap and water when they get dirty. Let them dry in the shade and in a ventilated place.

    The metal can be cleaned with special products for cleaning gold plate.

    Enjoy them a lot!

    There may be variations in product designs due to being handmade. That means they are unique.

sustainability project

We are a brand based on the international principles of fair trade.

The main intention is to provide employment to people from the community who seek to develop, having the option of working at home, managing their own hours and obtaining a fair payment for their work.

Part of the profits are allocated to support training courses such as nutrition, ecology, gender equity, home economics, human development, among others.